Traditional yoga with a contemporary approach.  Traditional in the practice of classic postures, contemporary in the emphasis on functional movement.  Flowing, dynamic movement synchronized with the breath.  Holding postures in stillness.  Relaxed natural movement.  Meditation.  All are aspects of the Yoga classes at Olive Tree.


This class focuses on building core strength while lengthening and toning the overall body. Breath, and the use of one’s own body weight enable students to cultivate physical strength and endurance among other benefits.  Stability exercise is the root of Pilates.  Practice often focuses on stabilizing the abdomen and spine while moving the arms and legs there by challenging that stability.

Yoga & Pilates

A combined class of the two disciplines.  The exercises may be different but the use of the body’s core and breath power are the same.  Pilates is more linear with emphasis on stabilizing body parts while mobilizing others.  Yoga being more circular in nature is more expressive.  Both are complimentary to each other.
* 2 person minimum for classes to run. All classes are drop in basis unless specified *


class passfee
1 class$15
1 month unlimited$75
1 on 1 private$85
small group $120
corporate onlineavailable upon request
*Taxes are included.