Add nourishing habits that help create physically and emotionally resilient individuals.

Communities need healthy leaders and populations.

Getting truly healthy is more about undoing than doing.

Get rid or get a handle on bad habits.

You already know what to do.

No one has to tell you.

Find the courage to change.

Ask yourself.

How do I nourish my body?

How do I nourish my mind?

What am I feeding my body and mind?

How do I feel?

Am I in pain?

Honesty is required.

This is what should be evaluated.

Stop with the fear.

Empower yourself by getting healthy.

It’s not about perfection.

Perfect is the illusion that robs you of effort.

Make small changes.

Good nutrition, proper sleep and exercise for the body.

Relaxation, service and great friends for the mind.

It’s in your power.

If you want it.

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