Recently at the studio I’ve been asked about meditation by a few people.  I thought I would share some insights.

Its difficult for most people to meditate because they haven’t understood “why” they’re sitting there.  Until your intention is clear about the reason you’re sitting, the relaxation and peace desired will elude you.

What does meditation mean to you?

When you can answer this question with certainty you’ll be able to meditate anytime and any place.

Ask yourself what does meditation mean.  I would answer peace, relaxation, and fulfillment.  Most of us will resonate with these words, but how are they experienced while meditating?

Say them again.  Peace, relaxation, fulfillment.  Realize what these words are.

Don’t think. FEEL!

These words are actually feelings we experience in our bodies.  Meditation is paying attention to how we feel in the present moment.

Realize how the “imaginary” thoughts racing through your mind are creating “real” sensations in your body.  This is the mind-body connection.

Thought creates feeling.  Feeling creates reality.

How we feel IS our present moment experience.  Sitting in meditation allows you to observe the process of how we create our reality.

This is why the ancients taught the “truth” is within oneself.

It is in not doing that the doing is revealed.

Sit still and listen.



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