Flying Free

I was thinking about yesterday’s Mother’s day celebration.  I had a wonderful day with my wife and two children.  Me and Jeannette were talking about what it means to be a mother and how it dramatically changes your life forever.  Parents have the incredible  opportunity  to experience unconditional love being offered by their children to them.  A real blessing.

We also discussed the idea of the energy of a mother existing within all of us.  This is an important idea to contemplate.  It has great healing potential.

Don’t think of your own mother.

Connect to the qualities of the one mother which sustains us all, Mother Nature.  There are infinite ways of learning from the web of life we are all part of.  Open your mind and use the power of your imagination to take you anywhere.

Decide the type of quality you would like to experience as reflected by mother Nature.  For example…nourishment, peacefulness, happiness, fertility, or power.  Think and feel a scenario related to that aspect of the earth and allow your imagination to take your spirit there.

One of my favorite meditations is connecting to the earth’s abundance.  I enjoy visualizing a beautiful, plentiful tropical paradise where I relax with ease.

The idea of heaven is one creative thought away.  Give yourself the freedom to go there now.  Its yours for the taking.

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