Earth Mother

I recently watched the movie The Force Of Nature by David Suzuki.  I really enjoyed its message but especially the ending where he explained our connection to the environment. He said we ARE the environment.

We are the sacred elements:  earth, air, water and fire.  There is no division between us and our outer world.  Nature sustains us externally and internally, forever interconnected.

The earth really is our mother.

This is a powerful meditation.  Contemplate your connection to the elements.  The soil beneath your feet, the food you eat, the fuel of your metabolism.  The sky that surrounds you, the air you breathe and fills your lungs.  The vast oceans that cover the earth, the water we drink, the blood that flows through you.  The eternal shining sun, the clothes that keep us warm,  our beating hearts.

We are the elements.

Happy Spring!


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  1. I totally agree Marco!!
    We are all part of Earth Mother, and when she is sick…we are all sick…
    When she is healthy…we are all healthy too! We need to take care of HER just as much as we take care of ourselves!

    I need to watch this movie! Thanks for the insight of what its about!!

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