Be My Valentine

As children we became very excited on this special day of the year.  We made cards, handed them out to all our friends and maybe we secretly had special feelings for one of them.  It was a special time in our lives filled with innocence and passion.

I believe in love.  Like the fairy tales we grew up reading, I hoped to one day fall in love with a princess and live happily ever after.

We are conditioned to believe that someone else coming into our lives would make everything better.  We all discovered that this like many other things is a half truth.  Yes our lives do improve with the love of others, but the feeling of lack or needing something else always seems to return.

What is it that we are searching for?

What do we need to make us feel fulfilled?

Imagine you were taught to love yourself unconditionally.  That real love comes from the deep appreciation and realization of the preciousness of your own life.

The idea is to fall in love with yourself.  To be your own Valentine.

We need to heal ourselves within.  To be that loving and understanding person we always hoped to find to yourself.  Its our own love that we crave.  To hear internally that we’re perfect and we will always be loved no matter what.

This is not a selfish love.  This is the most selfless thing you can do for yourself.

To feel peace within.

It is from this foundation of self love that we become wonderful lovers and friends to others.

Love everyone unconditionally, especially yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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