Winter Wonderful

Congratulations!  If you are reading this you have survived yesterday’s supposed end of the world blizzard.

We are at the midpoint of winter.  Most of us feel the “winter blues” about this time of year.  We crave the return of the sun’s warmth and the greening of the earth.

What we need a shift in perspective to reveal the magic and beauty of winter.

Take it slow and follow the gentle rhythm of this season.  The birds are quiet, no leaves rattling in the wind and even the heaviest blizzard falls silently to the earth.

Take a walk outside early in the morning or later in the evening and appreciate this incredibly meditative time of year.  We experience the qualities of stillness and silence by simply observing our environment.

Our habitual mental chatter becomes ever more revealed as the source of our discomfort.

Don’t think.


Let your ears guide you.

Each time you realize you’re thinking, redirect your awareness to your ears.

Honor them.  They are the teachers of this season.

Trust them to carry you into the heart of your being.


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