Dying Daily

I was at a friends house for dinner last weekend.  We talked about meditation.  I thought to share the conversation.  Grazie Professore.

This is a powerful meditation that I first heard of while watching the Dalai Lama speaking on t.v.  He said he meditates each day on dying.

I found this very interesting.  Its a profound statement which sparks deep insight.

Shouldn’t we be afraid of death?

How can I benefit from thinking about dying?

I soon realized that this powerful meditation transcends many cultures and is a cornerstone of yoga practice.

At the end of practicing postures in yoga we always finish with a few minutes laying down on our backs in complete relaxation.  We call this final pose Savasana, which translates into Corpse or Death pose.

While laying in relaxation or “death” we are able to experience the inescapable truth that we and everyone we know will die.  Think and feel and as though you have actually died. Unable to see or talk to anyone again.  The pain of your family and the inability to tell them you love them.

Frightening and dark isn’t it.  Don’t be afraid.  This will empower you.

Its from this dark place that you realize the sacredness and brightness that our lives really are.  You know that your not dead, not ever.  Be honest with the people that you love.  Tell them how you really feel from a place of tenderness.

You emerge from the meditation resurrected from death with a appreciation and respect for all life.  Your fresh, able to start again with a wisdom of how precious we all really are.


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