Huge Savings for the month of January

We all know the benefit of regular yoga and pilates classes.

Your body craves it.  Your mind needs it.

Who doesn’t love laying  in savasana after doing a thousand vinyasa’s in Lisa’s class.

I’m offering a great deal.  Make the commitment, you deserve it.

Purchase a ONE YEAR membership for UNLIMITED CLASSES and receive

an ADDITIONAL month for FREE.  Savings of $430.

The breakdown:  $110 (unlimited monthly price) x 13 months = $1430

$1430 – $1000 (one year unlimited price) = $430 you saved

New monthly price after savings is $77 ($1000 @ 13 months = $77)

Offer is valid for the month of January 2011.

Make sense?

If you have any questions call or email.


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